…but my friends call me PJ.

I am a human-centered designer, experiential marketer, and community builder. Based in Chicago, Illinois.

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I live by four words: Creativity , Connection , Curiosity, & Commitment

→ I am a firm believer that every human has an innate drive to create. Growing up, I have always found comfort in getting lost in my own creations.

In myself, I fuel this drive every day by pursuing opportunities to create an impact on others. In my experience, I’ve found that this success often stems from building a strong foundation of empathy.

Some of my Creations

Graphic Design

Short Films

Notion Templates

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I challenge you to boil your music taste down to 7 songs. Here’s mine:

[Send me yours!](https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2wNMJwD2Ep0L37MzQrzqiv?si=2fa44c7244e04d7c)

Send me yours!

📸 Photography

AKA visual storytelling — what do you see?

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